Opportunity Management & Sales Forecasting

Achieve tactical and strategic financial goals.

Campfire is connected.

Campfire gives sales, marketing, business development and finance teams the tools to collaborate on and manage your company’s portfolio of opportunities. Opportunities include targeted, quoted, awarded, and production business, each using any number of parameters such as cost, price, volume, product line, exchange rate, and winning probability. Achieve goals by identifying and selecting the most profitable opportunities, while eliminating time and effort on others.

No other software solution has the set of unique capabilities we provide, including:

Construct business plans using advanced “what-if” scenario planning tools.

Optimize your business plans using intelligent tools.

Evaluate how different business conditions and market shifts impact your portfolio.

Gain accuracy and control over VOLUME

Accurate volume forecasting is one of the most important steps for increasing profitability. In Campfire, you always work off your live forecast using volume data from customers, 3rd parties, and internal data sources. Examine multiple volume scenarios and allow our proprietary Consensus Volume Calculator™ to provide weighted volumes for each opportunity, while you maintain control over take rates and penetration rates.

Get information and control over PRICING

Pricing is crucial to profitability as any improvements go straight to your bottom line. Campfire gives you all the tools for managing your price changes. Model and manage price-downs, give-backs, pay-to-plays, and engineering change requests; understand how each of these impacts revenue forecasting.


Ready to take control of your profitability?