Take control of your profitability.

How well can you formulate and manage your complex business on spreadsheets?
With Campfire, you can gain unprecedented accuracy and insight with a single system that covers cost, price, volume, capacity, timing, and profit metrics.
Make informed, confident decisions with speed.

Unlock profit potential through analysis and informed decision making.

Stay ahead of the competition and customers by unleashing the power of knowing your business.

Data and decisions overload?

Opportunities arise. Competitors emerge. Demand shifts. Volumes change. Prices rise and fall. Your company’s bottom line hangs in the balance as uninformed, poor decisions impact earnings, growth, prospects and stock price.

That’s where we come in!

Campfire is a single source for your sales opportunity data. Your current and future profits are managed within one closed-loop system that has kindled a growing base of delighted customers around the world.

Unleash the freedom to focus on decisions that matter most.

Campfire’s unique, powerful and cost-effective solutions provide advanced functionality to create, analyze, and modify plans, run scenarios, optimize portfolios, and manage long-term profitability.

Profit = Total Revenue – Total Costs

Campfire is unique—we integrate revenues and costs in a single system for unprecedented, immediate transparency on the impact of changes in volume, pricing, capacity, tariffs and many other variables on your profitability.

The leading solution for Portfolio Profitability Management in the automotive sector

Within the automotive supplier community, Campfire is known as subject matter experts and has the largest user base among database applications—loyal, satisfied customers around the world.
Customer Business Managed
$ 0 B+
Active Users Worldwide

Customer Success

Our customers achieve results that lead to excellent financial performance.

Profit Margin

Improve 1%+ through forecast accuracy, pricing optimization, and capacity visibility.

Forecasting Accuracy

Achieve accuracy up to 99% with control over volume and cost.

Quotation Time

Reduce quotation time by 50% and wow your customers.

Eliminate Errors

Reduce errors by eliminating Excel spreadsheets and minimize massive losses on customer programs.

Knowledge Retention

Retain key corporate financial knowledge and best practices for reuse and efficiency.

Market Share

Grow market share as you target the best suitable programs and optimize your opportunity portfolio.

Visibility into your portfolio of opportunities

Real-time, accurate information through charts, reports and dashboards guides better decision making.

Campfire has received multiple awards and recognition for company growth and innovation over the past decade.

Experience enterprise software that is exceptional.

Campfire is built by a team that intimately understands users’ needs, and is used by sales, marketing, and finance professionals who depend on the software for their critical deliverables.

What our customers say about us.

Campfire does not need you to spend months teaching us your business, and we will deliver what we promise on time and within your subscription cost. You get the resources and support you need with no surprises or cost overruns.

Ready to take control of your profitability?