Customer Commitment

Campfire has a 100% customer retention rate. Every single Campfire customer excitedly provides references and referrals. Find out why.

Honesty in sales

Campfire believes that customer commitment means more than undivided attention and providing quality products and services, it also means being honest. From the first interaction with any potential customer, Campfire provides clear and honest information about our products and services, including the cost of ownership. We work hard to listen and understand business needs in order to provide recommendations that deliver the required solution in the most cost-effective way for the customer, not simply what is most profitable for Campfire.

Deliver on implementation commitments

Once a customer, you have Campfire’s dedication to meeting the committed delivery times of our products and services. The priority is preserving the honest and trusting relationship with the customer, and we believe it is our responsibility to stand by our obligation and do what we promised, even if it means a financial loss to Campfire.

Build long-term customer partnerships

Campfire is dedicated to building long-term relationships with our customers. We view our customers as true partners, understanding they play an active role in the growth and success of our business. We take pride in the humility that is required to genuinely listen to, and respond to, the needs, opinions and desires of our customers. This keeps Campfire customer driven, rather than market driven. We are committed to making efforts and decisions to better fit customer needs, rather than asking customers to change their needs to fit a market-driven solution. We engage our customers to help drive product direction; our applications would not be market leading without our customers’ guidance.

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