Our Business Philosophy

The two founders of Campfire have built three highly successful businesses using five fundamental pillars of business philosophy. These pillars shape everything we do from the products we create, the customers we engage, and the employees we hire.

Product Excellence

Our goal from when we entered the future profitability management market in 2008 was to produce the #1 product and be the market share leader. We didn’t cut corners, sacrifice quality for speed to market, or create technical debt along the way. You don’t grow to over 12,000 users and 100% customer retention by luck or accident.

It is Campfire’s imperative to do right by the customer and develop a great customer relationship. This requires honesty, standing by our obligations, and meeting commitments, even if that results in a financial loss to Campfire. We pride ourselves on the strong long-term relationships we build and maintain with our customers.

Campfire investors believe in our vision and team and give us the ability to execute with the support of financial resources and expertise. Their backing is invaluable to the Company’s growth plan. We understand their vital role in our success and always strive to provide investors with a healthy financial return.

Stable Work Environment

Campfire is committed to long term employment for its employees. This requires responsible financial management and a high degree of trust with the employees. We have never reduced workforce or compensation to employees due to financial hardship or other reasons. Our near-zero turnover and 10 years average employee tenure signify employee satisfaction. This stability is a huge advantage to achieve product excellence and sales growth.

Employee Ownership

If investors and executive management make money based on their ownership of Campfire, so will our employees. Every Campfire employee participates in long-term incentive programs designed to provide a stake in company success, which aligns investors, management, and employees. We believe employees must be rewarded for their innovation, hard work, and impact on the Company results in any owner liquidity events.

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