Quote Life Cycle Management

Inefficiencies with quote management damage profitability.

Campfire is accurate.

Campfire is a single system for quoting, costing, pricing, and change management. Campfire enables the entire quotation process including the RFQ process, cost computation, price computation, and enabling the generation of all the internal reports. The system completes the process by populating customer forms as you submit quotes, which creates huge efficiencies and eliminates common data entry mistakes.

Rapid, precise, and comprehensive.

These are common problems when using Excel, email or disparate systems to produce a sales quotation. Campfire is your solution.

Fast, accurate cost computation for every opportunity.

Campfire utilizes a proprietary financial costing engine that factors everything that impacts your quote including costs for engineering, manufacturing, shipping, and considerations for volume, capacity and tariffs. You have full revision control, change management, and scenario studies on each configuration. Our Quick Quote™ draws on past quotes, data and models to provide an accurate quote in minutes. All of these capabilities equip your quotation team to pursue profitable business and deliver a highly precise quote to customers in record time.

Campfire Timeline

Define prices to maximize and keep your profit.

Campfire provides advanced, innovative tools for your pricing strategy because pricing improvements go straight to your bottom line.

  • Guidance on target price the market can bear
  • Feedback based on customer rules and guidelines
  • Insight into value-driven pricing targeted per customer
  • Documentation for price defense to answer any queries from the customers


Ready to take control of your profitability?